The Bay Colony Performing Arts Academy (BCPAA) is committed to the individual creative potential of each of its students. BCPAA works to uncover, nurture, and develop the “artist within” in a safe and vibrant environment. BCPAA believes the inclusion of arts education expands overall learning, supporting the value of a well-rounded education. The invaluable experiences gained through involvement in BCPAA’s theatre arts curriculum provide students with a host of transferable skills certain to serve them throughout their lives. Skills that include:

  • Confidence, composure and poise.

  • Respect and concern for others.

  • Listening and processing.

  • Critical thinking and creative problem solving.

  • Considering other viewpoints and positions.

  • Goal setting and task management.

  • Improved literacy and language skills.

  • Increased social awareness.

  • Cooperation.

The faculty and staff at BCPAA celebrate the beauty and importance of arts in our world, and aim to extend that contribution to the students we teach. We believe involvement in arts education to be an imperative tradition for all 21st century children and teens in light of its characteristic push toward educational, creative, and social betterment. In this spirit, BCPAA commits itself to rich and diverse curricula, nurturing class structures led by trained and recognized faculty, and performance opportunities to showcase learned skills and techniques.

BCPAA is committed to classes and progressive instruction that match the individual goals of all enrolled students. Whether the student is a novice, interested in learning fundamental performing techniques, or a dedicated performer, committed to theatrical arts training beyond high school, BCPAA designs programs to match individual student interest.

To that end, BCPAA is a student-centered organization, considering and addressing each student’s interests, abilities, and learning styles. Next, BCPAA is committed to cooperative learning, collaboration, and ensemble-driven art. Students combine their individual talents to create and elevate theatrical performances. In this way, students learn the over-arching benefits of cooperative achievement and how unified efforts reap tremendous reward. It is with these focused beliefs that BCPAA has operated since 1999 and remains committed today.